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Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Preparedness vids from KC Metro Emergency Managers. These are really good and around 3 minutes or less.
Our Personal Preparedness (Preparación personal) brochure, an invaluable resource for protecting yourself and your family, available in English and en Español.
Our members' suggested emergency supplies to keep on hand.
Suggestions for a vehicle travel safety bag.
Wikibooks First Aid manual.
DHS Active Shooter Preparedness Page.
Run. Hide. Fight. Surviving An Active Shooter Event.
A Nurse's Guide to Disaster Preparedness
Home Preparation Tips for Weather Emergencies
Home Preparedness - What to do in an Earthquake from US Insurance Net., the best source for current flu information.
Pet care disaster preparedness from the ASPCA
Disaster preparedness for seniors from the American Red Cross
Disaster Planning for Individuals with Disabilities
Disaster Safety for People with Disabilities
Fire Safety for People with Disabilities: A How-to Guide for Prevention and Evacuation
Tornado Preparedness for People with Disabilities
Healthy Roads Media has made available a variety of videos and handouts on how to prepare for and deal with emergencies. Click here for more information about Healthy Roads Media and distributing their materials.
What To Do In An Emergency (English) video text
Qué Hacer En Caso De Una Emergencia (Español) video text
How To Recognize If Chemical Agents Have Been Used (English) video text
Cómo Reconocer Si Se Han Usado Agentes Químicos (Español) video text
Recognizing Medical Emergencies (English) video text
Reconociendo Emergencias Médicas (Español) video text
Safe Water In An Emergency (English) video text
Agua Segura En Una Emergencia (Español) video text
Chemical Emergencies (English) video text
Emergencias Químicas (Español) video text
Evacuation And Community Shelters (English) video text
Evacuación Y Albergues Comunitarios (Español) video text
Fire Safety At Home (English) video text
Seguridad Contra Incendios En El Hogar (Español) video text
Sheltering In Place (English) video text
Buscar Refugio En El Lugar (Español) video text
Public Health Emergencies (English) video text
Emergencias De Salud Pública (Español) video text
Build An Emergency Preparedness Kit (English) video text
Prepare Un Equipo De Presteza Para Emergencias (Español) video text
Make An Emergency Plan (English) video text
Elabore Un Plano De Emergencia (Español) video text

For other languages and additional topics, please see Healthy Roads Media