Third Annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

MRC GEM held its third annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic on Sunday, September 13. Members dining at picnic Despite predictions of rain, we had a gorgeous day. Nearly seventy members and relatives turned out for what we hoped would be The Four F's: Food, Fun, Fellowship, and Free seasonal flu shots. Apparently, a good time was had by all! Click here to see picnic photos or check out our "Photo albums" page for photos of many of our events by clicking the link on the left."

Even a social event meant to thank our wonderful volunteers doesn't come off without significant volunteer participation. The afternoon was yet another example of the way MRC GEM members "step up" wherever necessary, and we want to thank the following:

Shopping: Judee Levinson and Jeanette Samaritan

Set-up: Armin Ansari, Betty Goetz, Chuck Goetz, Mona Hand, Judee Levinson, Phil Moore, Sandy Moore.

Check-in: Carol Connell, Linda Flage, Betty Goetz, Chuck Goetz

Paperwork: Linda Flage, Frances Stark

Flu shots:

Injections: Kathy Heidish, Jerry Roets

Injection assistance and forms: Betty Dalton, Diane DeGaetano, Jeanne Roets

Vaccine/supplies pickup/return: Dorothy Jubon

Fire-starting and photography: Phil Moore

Grilling: Mike Mosley, Jim Newell

Clean-up: Armin Ansari, Dale Barton, Roy Busby, Lezly Dorman, Mona Hand

Special appreciation is extended to Dr. Lloyd Hofer, Connie Russell, Karen Kitchens, and all those at East Metro Health District who helped make free (and near-free) seasonal flu vaccinations available to our volunteers and their families.

A very special thanks is due Mark Reiswig for his ongoing and enthusiastic support of MRC GEM.

It was great to see so many new (as well as "seasoned") faces. Those few who had last-minute emergencies were missed, as were founding board members Tony Veramo and Maricel Haynes, without whom it just wasn't the same.

We look forward to an even bigger response next year.