11/17/07 Training: Introduction to Radiological Emergencies.

Radiation warning symbolDr. Armin Ansari, one of our MRC GEM members who works for the CDC, gave a fascinating talk covering key radiation principles and radiological procedures. We were taught how to:Dr. Armin Ansari
  • Distinguish between radiation exposure and contamination.
  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of acute radiation syndrome.
  • Recognize the symptoms of cutaneous radiation syndrome.
  • Describe how to decontaminate a patient.
  • Know how responders can protect themselves.
Included were demonstrations of how to apply these principles and procedures in an emergency services setting. Related links: Medical Response to a Radiological Terrorism Incident (Powerpoint presentation) Emergency Management Pocket Guide Radiological Terrorism: Just in Time Training for Hospital Clinicians (brief video) Complete transcript of above video