Choose to Live Healthier! MRC Joins the National President’s Challenge

MRC's national office has joined the Active Lifestyle program to encourage members to live healthier lives. In addition to the benefits to individual members, success will help give the MRC program more visibility nationally, which could lead to increased funding, improved programs, and more recognition of the important role each member plays. Individual participants can receive awards for their participation. Designed to get America moving, the Active Lifestyle program encourages participants to live healthier lives by finding things they really like to do. Nearly 100 different activities count. They include common things like dancing, running, tennis, and basketball, as well as really challenging activities, like "household tasks" or "lawn mowing/gardening" or "Nintendo Wii (Sports)." You'll have eight weeks to complete the six-week challenge. When you successfully reach your goal, you'll have earned a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Then you can continue on with the Active Lifestyle program, or move on to the next challenge: the Presidential Champions program. To sign up, click here and be sure to enter "Group ID Number" 67853 and to enter your e-mail address for your "Group Member ID/Name."