MRC GEM Journeys to Dobbins ARB

Early on a recent Saturday morning, a group of MRC GEM members "hit the road" for Marietta. Their purpose? A first-time-ever guided tour of (some of) the assets and capabilities of the Department of Defense 4th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team. We were treated to a most interesting talk by Steven McRae, a member of the team with a military background and training as a physician's assistant. It was fascinating to learn of the breadth of events which warrant the specialized skills of the Civil Support Team. We also had an opportunity to inform the team members of the mission and activities of MRC GEM.

We capped off the tour with a pleasant and collegial lunch out, where we all declined to participate in the most recent E coli scare. Coupled with our CDC tour and our participation in an exercise at the Health Department, it was a very busy and productive week for MRC GEM.