MRC GEM 2012 Volunteer Recognition Awards

At our annual holiday luncheon on December 8, 2012, a number of our members were honored for their special contributions to the health and safety of our community.

Longevity Achievement Award
Honoring those who have been active members the longest. This year we recognize:

Lynda Flage
Todd Rovie

who have served over 7 years

Armin Ansari
Judee Levinson
Sherwin Levinson

who have served over 6 years and

Chris Harper
Sybil Ingram
Mark Reiswig
Nicky Gary
Betty Goetz
Jim Marchand

who have served over 5 years.

Rookie of the year
Honoring those who have attended the greatest percent of events since joining recently:

Tie: Michelle McMahon and Sue Sitek

Runners-up: Cynthia Block-Hessler and Victoria Gray

Most Appearances
Honoring those who have attended the most events in 2012:

Roy Busby

Runners-up: David Collins and Jim Newell

Special Service Award
Honoring those who have made a special commitment of time and energy:

The members of the Events Committee are responsible for everything good about our meetings and special programs over this past year:

David Collins
Susan Collins
Corkey Hoffman
Dorothy Jubon
Judee Levinson
Jim Newell
Jeanette Samaritan
Carrie Stricklin
William Watkins
Russ Willard
Arnie Zwickel

Hall of Fame
Honoring those who have made extraordinary contributions to MRC GEM.

Some people have gone so far beyond merely "special" as to deserve a category all their own. These are the members of our MRC GEM Hall of Fame:

Susan Collins (Events Committee chair)
Dorothy Jubon (creating training, opening up and preparing the facility for every meeting, serving on the management team and Events Committee)
Jim Newell (maintaining our member database, events committee member, videographer, photographer)
Mark Reiswig (without whom MRC GEM couldn't exist - serving on the management team, making our relationship with the health district cordial and mutually beneficial, including us in all meetings that impact us, helping find creative funding sources)
Jeanette Samaritan (Events Committee, EVERYTHING required to conceptualize, create, and implement the outstanding retreat we had this year, member surveys)
Tony Varamo (giving unstintingly of his time to attend MRC conferences and meetings in addition to serving on the management team)
Arnie Zwickel (Events Committee chair, conceptualization and implementation of our radiation response exercise)

MVP (Maximum Volunteer Presences)
Honoring the one volunteer who has volunteered the most time during the year:

Roy Busby - has given selflessly of his time to attend numerous meetings and help in many different ways. He's attended multi-day training sessions, given a week of his time to attend the Joint Training Summit in Nashville, went to Augusta to participate in that MRC unit's annual volunteer appreciation event, just to name a few.