Sixth annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

MRC GEM held its sixth annual Volunteer Appreciation MRC GEM annual picnic September 23, 2012Picnic on Sunday, September 23, 2012. Nearly 100 members. along with their friends and family members, enjoyed food, fun, fellowship, and free flu shots. Click here for the full photo album.

Many members participated in a map and compass exercise simulating the need to locate missing persons and treat any immediate health problems they might have. This was a fun followup to the Rescue Specialist training offered at our annual retreat.

Thank you to the many members who helped set up, clean up, and otherwise make this a success. Special thanks are due for all the additional effort made by:

  • Jeanette and Judee for planning the venue, menu, shopping, and bringing all the food, supplies, and prizes needed to make this such a special event.
  • James, Jim, Phil for cooking as well as preparing and cleaning up the grills.
  • Diane, Dorothy, Jean, Jerry, and Michele for making arrangements for and administering flu vaccinations.
  • Jim, Musu, Roy, Tony for leading our missing persons search and rescure teams.
  • Dr. Hofer, Connie, Eloise, Joyce, Keisha, Karen, Mark at the health district for dealing with everything behind the scenes required to make vaccinations available at no charge to our members and their immediate families.