MRC GEM 2011 Volunteer Recognition Awards

At our annual holiday luncheon on December 10, 2011, a number of our members were honored for their special contributions to the health and safety of our community.

Longevity Achievement Award
(Honoring those who have been active members the longest.):

Roy Busby (since 12/01/2003)
Maricel Haynes (since11/03/2004)
Frances Stark (since 12/01/2004)
Tony Varamo (since 10/01/2004)

Rookie of the year
(Honoring those who have attended the greatest percent of events since joining in 2011):

- Susan Collins

Runner-up (3 way tie):
- David Collins
- Charisse Nitura
- William Watkins

Most Appearances
(Honoring those who have attended the most events in 2011):

Winner (3 way tie):
- Judith Levinson
- James Newell
- Carrie Stricklin

Runner-up (3 way tie):
- Dale Barton
- Anthony Varamo
- Arnold Zwickel

MVP (Maximum Volunteer Presences)
(Honoring the one volunteer who has volunteered the most time during the year):

William Watkins

Hall of Fame
(Honoring those who have made the committment of time and energy to join our management team.)

Roy Busby
Lynda Flage
Dorothy Jubon
Judith Levinson
James Newell
Mark Reiswig
Gerard Roets
Connie Russell
Anthony Varamo